Laboratory PVC Tubing - Microbore

Please note some of these products are made to order, minimum order quantity 25 coils.

Material Specification

Tensile Strength 14.3 MPa
Hardness 61º Shore 'A'
Density 1.20 g/cm³
Elongation at Break 400%
Maximum Temperature 60ºC
Minimum Temperature -32ºC
Material Grade Medical/Food
Colour Clear (colours available to order)

Product Range

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Bore  Wall    Price (+VAT)
per Coil/15m
Availability Product Code
0.25mm0.914mm £27.30 In Stock. 116-0536-03
0.89mm0.838mm £27.30 In Stock. 116-0536-08
1.01mm0.838mm £27.30 In Stock. 116-0536-09
1.30mm0.838mm £27.30 In Stock. 116-0536-11
1.42mm0.838mm £27.30 In Stock. 116-0536-12
1.52mm0.838mm £27.30 <30 days 116-0536-19