AlteVinā„¢ Braid Reinforced PVC Hose

Possesses the same attributes as our unreinforced tubing but has a polyester braid for increased pressure handling.

Material Specification

Tensile Strength 19.7 MPa
Hardness 77Āŗ Shore 'A'
Density 1.23 g/cmĀ³
Elongation at Break 345%
Temperature Range -16ĀŗC to 65ĀŗC
Material Grade Food

Product Range

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Bore  O.D.  Colour  Working Pressure at 20Ā°C    Price (+VAT)
per Coil/30m
Availability Product Code
4.0mm9.0mmClear360PSI £25.00 In Stock 01-98-1902
6.3mm11.5mmClear200PSI £26.09 In Stock 01-98-1904
6.3mm11.5mmRed200PSI £26.09 In Stock 01-98-1904RED
6.3mm11.5mmBlue200PSI £26.09 In Stock 01-98-1904BLU
6.3mm11.5mmGreen200PSI £26.09 In Stock 01-98-1904GRN
6.3mm11.5mmYellow200PSI £26.09 In Stock 01-98-1904YEL
8.0mm13.5mmClear175PSI £31.50 In Stock. 01-98-1905
8.0mm13.5mmBlack175PSI £32.60 In Stock. 01-98-1905BLK
8.0mm13.5mmRed175PSI £32.60 In Stock. 01-98-1905RED
8.0mm13.5mmBlue175PSI £32.60 In Stock. 01-98-1905BLU
8.0mm13.5mmGreen175PSI £32.60 In Stock 01-98-1905GRN
8.0mm13.5mmYellow175PSI £32.60 In Stock 01-98-1905YEL
10.0mm16.0mmClear160PSI £38.00 In Stock. 01-98-1906
10.0mm16.0mmBlack160PSI £38.00 <7 days 01-98-1906BLK
10.0mm16.0mmBlue160PSI £41.40 <7 days 01-98-1906BLU
10.0mm16.0mmGreen160PSI £39.53 In Stock 01-98-1906GRN
12.5mm18.5mmClear150PSI £47.55 In Stock. 01-98-1907
12.5mm18.5mmRed150PSI £48.48 In Stock 01-98-1907RED
12.5mm18.5mmBlue150PSI £48.48 In Stock 01-98-1907BLU
12.5mm18.5mmGreen150PSI £48.48 In Stock 01-98-1907GRN
16.0mm23.0mmClear120PSI £67.11 In Stock. 01-98-1908
19.0mm26.0mmClear75PSI £80.30 In Stock. 01-98-1909
19.0mm26.0mmBlack75PSI £80.30 In Stock 01-98-1909BLK
19.0mm26.0mmRed75PSI £80.30 In Stock 01-98-1909RED
19.0mm26.0mmBlue75PSI £80.30 In Stock 01-98-1909BLU
25.0mm33.0mmClear70PSI £103.00 In Stock. 01-98-1910
25.0mm33.0mmBlack70PSI £103.00 In Stock 01-98-1910BLK
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Bore  O.D.  Colour  Working Pressure at 20Ā°C    Price (+VAT)
per Metre
Availability Product Code
50.0mm64.0mmClear45PSI £10.00 In Stock 01-98-1913M
Tubing of 32mm Ƙ and above is normally supplied in continuous lengths of 3 metres maximum. For longer lengths please enquire.