Wide Neck PTFE Bottles

Bottles with PTFE screw caps, resistant to virtually all chemicals.

Technical Specification

Colour Opaque
Temperature Range -200°C to +300°C


Capacity Diameter Height Neck ID
10ml 26mm 50mm 12mm
25ml 33mm 61mm 19mm
50ml 43mm 76mm 25mm
100ml 52mm 88mm 35mm
150ml 60mm 90mm 35mm
250ml 67mm 115mm 42mm
500ml 80mm 150mm 52mm
1000ml 100mm 185mm 57mm

Product Range

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Capacity    Price (+VAT)
Availability Product Code
10ml £28.02 In Stock BWN108
25ml £42.77 In Stock BWN112
50ml £104.18 In Stock BWN118
100ml £128.18 In Stock BWN124
150ml £86.81 In Stock BWN128
250ml £189.63 In Stock BWN130
500ml £121.30 In Stock BWN136
1000ml £190.64 In Stock BWN140