Graduated, Straight Sided Beakers

Straight sided beakers with excellent transparency and heat resistance. Clear graduations, material type and maximum heat resistance are printed in red.

Technical Specification

Colour Clear
Temperature Range -180°C to 180°C


Capacity Sub-divisions O.D. ID Height
25ml 2.5ml 42mm 40mm 40mm
50ml 5ml 51mm 49mm 51mm
100ml 10ml 62mm 60mm 62mm
250ml 25ml 82mm 80mm 82mm
400ml 50ml 94mm 92mm 95mm
500ml 50ml 100mm 96mm 101mm
600ml 50ml 106mm 101mm 107mm
1000ml 100ml 127mm 123mm 126mm
2000ml 200ml 158mm 154mm 160mm

Product Range

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per Pack
Availability Product Code
25ml10 £33.22 In Stock BDB312P
50ml10 £29.08 In Stock BDB318P
100ml10 £39.35 In Stock BDB324P
250ml5 £28.96 In Stock BDB330P
400ml5 £37.06 In Stock BDB334P
500ml5 £38.65 In Stock BDB336P
600ml5 £51.60 In Stock BDB338P
1000ml1 £14.67 In Stock BDB340P
2000ml1 £19.97 In Stock BDB342P
Please Note: To ensure compliance with BS5404 and ISO7056 the sub-division capacity on these beakers has been increased. During the transition period some products may have additional sub-divisions to those shown in the Technical Specification.