Standard Scalpel Blade Handles - Stainless Steel

These scalpel blade handles are produced in stainless steel. They are non-sterile and individually packed. (Supplied without blades, which must be ordered separately.)
Handles No. 3G and 9 accept scalpel blades 10 to 15.
Handle No. 4G accepts scalpel blades 20 to 27.
Only Handles 3G & 4G have measurement graduations marked on the reverse.

Product Range

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Handle Number  Material  Length (without blade)    Price (+VAT)
Availability Product Code
3 GraduatedStainless Steel120mm £3.56 <5 days. 136-2948
4 GraduatedStainless Steel130mm £3.56 In Stock. 136-3045
9Stainless Steel115mm £5.00 In Stock. 136-3142