AlteSil Primeâ„¢ - Platinum Silicone Tubing

Where absolute integrity is paramount, AlteSil Primeâ„¢ will exceed expectations. Standard peroxide-cured silicone will leech chemicals as bi-products of the curing process. AlteSil Primeâ„¢ is Platinum-Cured, with the only bi-product being water. Material complies with FDA specification 177.2600 and European Pharmacopoeia. Suitable for peristaltic pump use. Produced in class 10000 clean-room conditions.

Material Specification

Tensile Strength 8 MPa
Tear Strength 30 KN/m
Hardness 65º Shore 'A'
Density 1.18 g/cm³
Elongation at Break 500%
Maximum Temperature 200ºC
Minimum Temperature -40ºC
Material Grade Platinum Cured Silicone
Colour Translucent

Product Range

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Bore  Wall  Coil Length    Price (+VAT)
per Coil
Availability Product Code
1.50mm1.00mm100m £144.59 In Stock 03-93-3411
3.20mm0.80mm100m £177.66 In Stock 03-93-3419
5.00mm1.60mm60m £216.41 In Stock 03-93-3428
6.00mm2.00mm30m £148.37 In Stock 03-93-3431
9.50mm3.20mm15m £148.37 In Stock 03-93-3445
Supplied in whole coils only, non-sterilised.

NOTE: As with all Altec products, AlteSil Prime is not suitable for use in patient-connected applications.