16 Sizes O-Ring Splicing Kit (Nitrile)

Contents of 16 Sizes Kit (Length x nominal cross-section of cord):

2M x 1/16 inch, 2M x 3/32 inch, 2M x 1/8 inch, 2M x 3/16 inch, 2M x 1/4 inch,
2M x 1.6mm, 2M x 2.0mm, 2M x 3.0mm, 2M x 4.0mm, 2M x 5.0mm, 2M x 5.7mm,
2M x 1.5mm, 2M x 2.4mm, 2M x 2.5mm, 2M x 3.5mm, 2M x 8.4mm
5g glue

Material Specification

Hardness 70°Shore 'A'
Maximum Temperature 100°C
Minimum Temperature -30°C
Grade Industrial
Colour Black

Product Range

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16 Sizes O-Ring Splicing Kit (Nitrile) £40.71 <10 days. 134-3451