Masterspool Filament Refills

Let's face it - Masterspool is a great idea. And we think it's such a good idea that all our filament is available as Masterspool refills, and at a lower price.

If you're not familiar with Masterspool it is a reusable spool, designed by Richrap's Richard Horne.

Our refills are made to fit any Masterspool spool meeting the Masterspool specification.

To complement their fabulous eco-credentials our Masterspool refills are supplied with:

  • Resealable barrier-film bags
  • Reusable ties
  • Biodegradable clay dessicant

    You can find out more information about Masterspool on the Richrap Blog

    You can download the original Masterspool design on Thingiverse
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    *Refills require a suitable Masterspool, see Click Here for more info